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Eyelash Extensions

We use a variety of customized lashes to match your own natural eyelash.  We range from light and natural to full and glamorous lashes. (Medical grade glue, latex free)


Custom Eyelash Extensions Full Set-$80


Glamour Eyelash Extensions Full Set -$130


Custom Eyelash Extensions Touch-up 

 1 week-$15

 2-3 weeks-$30

 4-5 weeks-$50


Glamour Eyelash Extensions Touch-up 

 1 week-$25

 2-3 weeks-$45

 4-5 weeks-$65


Color Lashes add-on 

On the edge - $20


Refill lashes within 5 weeks, or will be charged as a new set.


Eyelash Extension Removal-$20



How To Take Care of Lashes After Extensions


  • No water on eyelashes for 5 hours after application 

  • No facial steaming for 48 hours after application 

  • No excessive rubbing of eyelashes 

  • No eyelash curling 

  • Use only water washable mascara 

  • If using mascara, just apply to the tips of the lashes 

  • Avoid makeup remover contact to eyelashes as they may contain oil or a lubricating agent  

  • Please use water-base makeup with a Q-tip or pad to remove eye shadow and/or eyeliner 

  • If you do use facial cream at night, avoid the eye area 

  • Be gentle.  Don’t rub or towel dry your eyes.  Allow your lashes to air dry. 

  • Avoid open flame or direct heat 




Maintenance is an issue for long lasting lashes.  The lash life cycle is about 100 days, 3D--Lashes may fall off due to the natural lash life cycle or negligent care of 3D-Lashes.  It is highly recommended that you offer touch-up applications every 3-4 weeks after the initial application. 




  • Mascara residue on eyelashes will compromise the contact area between eyelashes and 3D-Lashes 

  • Actual eyelashes naturally fall off due to the lash life cycle 

  • Never try to pull or tug on eyelashes after adhesive has set 

  • Lashes were in contact with water within 5 hours after 3D-Lashes application.  Rubbing eyes, facial steaming or taking a steam bath are not recommended within 2 days of process 

  • Sleep on your back sleeping on your stomach can push your eyes into the pillow and this friction may cause the extensions to loosen or fall out more quickly 

  • Cotton swabs and puffs are problematic because their fibers can get wedged in your lashes and loosen the extensions 

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