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$50      (60mins)

$35      (40mins)


The feet are the foundation of the body; they take a beating from overuse, they affect our entire posture, and they are what connect us to the Earth and its healing energy. Keeping your feet healthy and happy can improve your whole-body wellness. First, we start to soak your feet in a natural herb warm foot bath to reduce tension in the feet, next we perform Reflexology on your feet, the pressure point massage is used on the hands and/ or feet to balance energy throughout the body. Reflexology/Foot Soak help to eliminate toxins, relax the body and stimulate the healthy function of internal organs. 

Health Benefits of Reflexology

Relieves Pains and Aches

Improves Nerve Function

Fights Anxiety and Depression

Improves Circulation

Makes Feet Healthier

Relaxation and Better Sleep

Boosted Energy Levels


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