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Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. Is there an advantage of waxing over shaving? 
A. Shaving will stimulate hair growth and can strengthen the hair follicle. Shaving also allows for re-growth of hair the next day or in some cases the same day with a stubbly feel. 

Q. What is the procedure? 
A. We use a natural high quality wax product and the hair is removed with a strip. This procedure continues until you are hair free. Once you are hair free a lotion or cream will be applied to cool and soothe. 

Q. Are there possible side effects of waxing and how can they be minimized? 
A. Most clients do not experience reactions beyond minor temporary redness. Hair could break at the root during waxing, this will cause some hairs to grow faster. 


Q. How long should the hair be before I wax?
A. ¼ of an inch or full growth.

Q. How long will it last?
A. Hair growth is different for each individual, however for most it will last clean for two weeks. Four weeks is the average time between waxing.

Q. Will waxing eliminate the ingrown hairs I get when I shave?
A. For the majority of people, yes. However, waxing has its own version of ingrown that can be eliminated with proper at-home care such as exfoliation when you shower and daily application of finipil. 

Q. When should you not wax?
A. If you are on Retin-A, Renova, Accutane or any other skin-thinning product that is designed to clear the skin of acne taken topically or orally. You also shouldn’t wax if you have a systemic disease or if you are sunburned.


For best results, repeat your professional waxing every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the area and your individual hair growth rate. Routine waxing helps the skin get accustomed to the procedure and may minimize irritation.



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